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Community Health Worker Manager – Hilo, HI

Website Hui Mālama Ola Nā ʻŌiwi

Community Health Worker Manager Position Summary

The Community Health Worker Manager, equipped with notable leadership and organizational skills, orchestrates the activities of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in line with industry benchmarks and the six pillars of CHW practice: respect, community base, capacity building, service to the underserved, social justice and health equity, and advocacy. This pivotal role involves steering CHWs to provide patient guidance through the healthcare maze, offering culturally sensitive health education, and advancing the health and wellness of the community. The position necessitates effective collaboration with healthcare teams and educators in diverse settings and requires a deep understanding of Native Hawaiian culture, its traditions, history, and current issues to align with Hui Mālama Ola Nā ʻŌiwi’s mission and goals.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Empowerment through Leadership and Learning: Foster empowerment by guiding CHWs to become advocates and educators, reinforcing the pillars of respect, community base, and capacity building.
  2. Strategic Time Management and Record-Keeping: Employ exemplary time management to uphold the pillar of service to the underserved, ensuring diligent and precise documentation in line with CHW standards.
  3. Management of Chronic Conditions: Utilize strong leadership to support CHWs in aiding patients with long-term health issues, fostering autonomy and proactive health engagement.
  4. Facilitating Access to Care: Guide CHWs to streamline patient access to healthcare services, addressing social determinants of health in line with the six pillars.
  5. Augmenting Community Resource Intelligence: Lead CHWs to continuously deepen their understanding of local resources, aligning with the principles of capacity building and community base.
  6. Service Coordination and Patient Advocacy: Implement a coordinated approach to patient support and representation, resonating with the CHW pillars of advocacy and social justice.
  7. Team Synergy and External Partnerships: Enhance intra-team collaboration and external alliances, embodying the leadership necessary to promote unity and community-centric health outcomes.
  8. Efficient Community Engagement: Manage logistical aspects of community involvement, reflecting efficiency and the commitment to serve the underserved.
  9. Health Lifestyle Advocacy: Oversee educational outreach on healthy lifestyle changes, applying best practices to promote wellness and disease prevention.
  10. Client and Family Engagement: Encourage communication and cooperation with clients and their networks, leveraging leadership to overcome service barriers and enhance satisfaction.
  11. Constructive Collaborative Networks: Develop connections with individuals, families, and community figures to advance recovery, resilience, and health.
  12. Dynamic Task Oversight: Administer and assign responsibilities effectively, ensuring alignment with the industry’s best practices and the pillars of the CHW role.
  13. Collaborative Communicator: Actively support the organization by fulfilling additional responsibilities as required.

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